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Therapak #63303

Sharpie® Permanent Markers

Sharpie® Marker's tough, resilient tip produces a quick ink flow that dries fast, resists water and stays permanently. Works on glass, metal, photos, and plastic. Mark almost anything with bright, lasting color. Available in a variety of colors, tips, and pack sizes.

Part No. Description Packaging
63299 Set of 5 Sharpie® Black Markers pack
63300 Set of 5 Sharpie® Blue Markers pack
63301 Set of 5 Sharpie® Red Markers pack
63302 Set of 4 Sharpie® Markers, 4 colors (red, green, blue, black) pack
63303 Set of 8 Sharpie® Markers, rainbow pack
63305 Sharpie® Marker, ultra fine point, black each
Therapak #63317

StatMark® Permanent Ink Pen

StatMark is a permanent ink marking pen with an ultrafine tip. It is ideal for labeling slides and histology cassettes. The StatMark pen ink is chemically resistant to alcohol and xylene.

Part No. Description Packaging
63317 StatMark® multi-surface marking pen 12/pack