Standardization Recommendations

for Independent Medical Couriers

  • Focus on the key products that insulate and protect specimens from degradation during courier transport
  • Provide a uniform solution that is scalable for your organization
  • Realize training benefits for your personnel with a standardized line of products
  • Promote the green solution utilizing reusable products

The first step for the medical courier is an effective means of transporting laboratory specimens. More importantly, having these specimens protected at the correct temperature!

Step 1 - Courier Totes

For a courier tote to be effective, you need it to be insulated, large enough to carry a decent volume of specimens and have the ability to separate temperature. Duramark® courier totes provide all three! Each courier tote comes with a removable foam divider to maximize your specimen load. Frozen and refrigerated specimens can be placed on the inside (separated by the provided foam divider) with the room temperature specimens placed in the large pouch on the rear. An additional divider can be used to separate all three temperatures inside the unit. This allows the large pouch on the rear to be used for supplies or paperwork.

Courier Totes

Make the right choice and have your courier totes customized with your company logo (minimum of 24 units). A variety of fabric colors ensure that professional look.

Courier Tote with Customized Logo

Step 2 - Vehicle Transport / Passive Protection

When the volume of laboratory specimens is more than just one courier tote, all you need is a Car Caddy. It is the same size as three courier totes combined. Both durable and flexible, the Car Caddy provides more volume when you need it most while still keeping temperatures separate. Choose the size and configuration that works best for your needs.

36513         36514
Four Configuration Options
3/3, 1/3-2/3, 1/2-1/2, 1/1

Make the right choice and have your Car Caddies customized with your company logo (minimum of 24 units). A variety of material colors ensure that professional look.

Car Caddy Yellow with Customized LogoCar Caddy Green with Customized Logo

Step 3 - Vehicle Transport / Active Protection

To eliminate dry ice and provide an 'active' solution to specimen temperature stability and control, the full line of Duramark® 12-volt powered portable refrigerators / freezers are available. The thermoelectric unit can be used as both a cooler and warmer, while the compressor based unit can be a refrigerator or freezer!

Using the 12-volt power plug in a vehicle, the Duramark® thermoelectric units can cool to approximately 40°F lower than ambient temperature or heat to around 135°F. Optional equipment allows the unit to be powered using any 110/120 volt AC wall outlet. Choose the size that best suits your needs.

KT Trio

The 12-volt powered Duramark® Refrigerators / Freezers are digitally controlled to maintain a specific temperature. Temperatures can range from +50°F to as low as +5°F!


Step 4 - Spill Kits (Biohazard Clean-Up Kit)

OSHA requires all medical couriers to have a spill kit readily available. Having one in your vehicle or courier tote is the best way to meet these regulations and be prepared in case a spill/incident. Therapak provides two sizes of spill kits; 'small' and 'large'.

The small spill kit includes: (x1) pair medical exam gloves, (x1) body fluid treatment /encapsulant (BTE), (x1) pair disposable waste scoops, (x1) XL surface disinfectant wipe, (x1) antimicrobial hand wipe, (x1) biohazard waste bag and (x1) instruction sheet/incident report form.

Small Spill Kit
Small Spill Kit

For maximum protection, the large kit includes the same items as the small kit but also includes: (x1) full-length impervious open-back gown, (x1) fluid shield procedure mask w/splashguard visor and (x1) pair impervious high-top shoe covers.

Large Spill Kit
Large Spill Kit
Large Spill Kit Worn